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Organized by the fishing Club of Pattaya Sports usually on Sundays. Excellent fishing this year. Each team pays a 600 baht entry to the Club (paid 24 hrs before the start). Must enter boat name, or boat captain & fishermen on board. Each team hires there own boat with no limit on persons or tackle on board. Start from 4:00am.WEIGH IN FOR TROPHIES AT THE MUNICIPAL PIER SOUTH PATTAYA. Hiring a boat can be arranged by the club and there are no shortages of off-shore boats and guides available here. Weigh in starts at 5:30pm & closes 6pm. The Pattaya Sports Fishing Club will award individual trophies for the biggest fish caught, by weight & the 2nd biggest fish by weight. Also a team trophy for the most fish over 1kg, by weight. Excluding the 1st & 2nd place fish only one trophy is awarded per individual. Sharks, rays, skates etc only qualify for 50% of total weight.






has now started with skipper Khun Les in their new refurbished state of the art Thai fishing boats owned by Tasmanian tycoon & long time residence in Thailand ----Jimmy Weeks. We cater for fishing trips from one day to well as many as you want so please let us know what you want to do and what you want to catch????. We know where all the best fishing areas are and we even have our own tackle shop, Restaurant at the port of Bang Saen & even a Deli & condos available but if you want digs then we can arrange Hotels for you; diving trops and even tourism things for mum and the kids. ( See the above picture and our new Deli and Restaurant in the front of the condo caters for your own foreign foods to the best seafoods in the world in unpolluted waters fresh every day at a fraction of Pattaya prices. We cater for individuals to rugby teams and families. Book today for a day out fishing with the family with UK scouts and OUR own Thai crew. We can accommodate you with your own condo in Bang Saen just 1 hours drive from Pattaya or Bangkok yet not conjested or polluted with backpackers & tourists and the best spot in Thailand for recreation and fishing. You will have a day or days of fun as we know what happens in Pattaya and also the best spots to go whether on land or off the land so wriet to us for your next vacation tour. TAT- 23-0533 license.


he cost for the 52 ft boat is 12,000 baht per day including transport;  all tackle bait; bottled water & ice food supplied on request; and we have a beverage bar plus first aid kit on board with a capacity of 12 people in comfort with sundeck on top for the ladies and of course safety gear like life jackets. We are also  fully licensed with foreign and Thai crew members to assist you.     Fishing:  Mainly Deep sea fishing & reef  fishing


 Black barracuda shark marlin sailfish king& queen mackerel  snapper corbia  rays pompano queen fish darardo + many other species\

Need to know more then just email to us below.

Tel Les : 081-9834361






October through March are considered the best months for deep sea fishing in the waters off Pattaya Bay. For that reason the Fishing Section of The Pattaya Sports Club organizes and promotes two fishing tournaments per month during this period. The first tournament of the month is scheduled on a Sunday nearest the new moon. As a rule, fishing is good just before and just after the new moon. The second tournament is then scheduled about ten days later usually on a Wednesday. This is because for some people Sunday is a good day to go fishing and for others it is not.

Another reason more tournaments are scheduled during this period is because normally during the summer months the local waters get so hot the big game fish like the large Sailfish and the large Marlin leave the area. They start to return in late September when the monsoon rains begin and the water begins to cool off.

The best method to angle for these large game fish is to place your bait near the surface of the sea using some type of float. Many use a balloon, plastic water bottle, or a piece of Styrofoam to float the bait. Most prefer to use live small red fish locally called pla dang, but some prefer live squid. Occasionally some anglers will troll using artificial lures, but this method of fishing is not so popular here.

Within the past five years the largest Sailfish landed in this area was about 55 Kilograms or 122 Pounds. This fish was taken by Selwyn Lightly, fishing near Ko Pai, early in 1997. Many are brought in each year from 20 to 35 Kilograms. Where as the largest Marlin landed during the same period time was a Black Marlin weighing in at 60 Kilograms plus or more than 133 Pounds. This fish was taken by some Japanese anglers, fishing near Ko Lin, this month. The Marlin are much more scarce in this area than the Sailfish. Few Marlin are landed each year.

Once one of these fighting fish is hooked, it takes a skilled angler to land the fish. These fish will leap high in the air trying to throw the hook from their hard bill. They will run away from you at high speed and then turn and run directly at you at high speed trying to throw slack in the line. They will always take you around the boat several times before they can be landed. It is definitely a contest between the angler and the fish as to who can last the longest. You must let the fish run, you cannot force the fish in, you will surely loose it. The fish cannot be landed until it has become too tired to fight any more. It is almost 50 / 50 odds.

Contact the PSC and join our next tournament and show everyone just how lucky, and just how good an angler you are.



Jim Milburn from Manchester in England, landed a fine 35 kilogram pacific sailfish while fishing in the waters outside Pattaya Bay. The fish was landed Friday 24, November while fishing from captain ting’s boat off Sattahip. In July this year Jim landed a 39 pound shovel nosed ray while fishing in the psc july monthly tournament.Pattaya is fast becoming known around the world as a world class fishing destination.The Pattaya Sports Club fishing section promotes a monthly tournament featuring a month long competition starting the first day of each month lasting through the last day of each month. By registering in advance, fishermen are able to choose the day in which they want to participate in the psc promoted monthly tournament.

Read about last years fishing competition results & pics from Pattaya [ Fish competition ]


This well established and profitable manufacturing company is now available for sale.A specialist supplier to the fishing sports market, the company offers great opportunities to the right investor.Situated in Thailand with worldwide sales of its own unique product line, the company is also an OEM supplier to major industry brands.

Land, stock, goodwill, client base, staff, expertise, equipment etc etc.In short, all the assets of a going concern business.
This will be a turn key sale, with the existing owners staying on if required to help the new owners.

The company has 30 experienced workers and can easily expand as required.

We are a husband and wife team in our  fifties and feel the need to slow down.We feel we have brought the company as far as we can on our own, and we are looking for either further investment to become our partner or a complete buy out.

A wide range of generally hand made items for the fly and sports fishing markets, together with considerable expertise in spincasting.

With the right investor providing financial resources and expertise, the company could grow dramatically and quickly become a much more substantial business.The opportunity exists to diversify product ideas into  much larger markets such as Crafts and Artworks.

Full client lists will be made available to interested buyers.

Offshore Manufacturing.
This is a fully operational company in Thailand where labour costs are $10 per day.For any western based manufacturer seeking to establish overseas in order to reduce labour / operating costs, this is a golden opportunity.The company is established, has staff and skills and could easily be refocused on any labour intensive production.Any buyer would save at least $100,000 in set up costs from scratch.

We are looking for $330,000 for a complete purchase or $185,000 for up to 51% majority control.
We also offer the options of 25% shareholding for $90,000 and 49% for $150,000 any of which are wholly convertible to 100% at a later date.
This is therefore a way to buy in and still have the option of purchasing majority control in the future.
Payments could be phased over a short period to allow for due diligence, performance etc.
The asking price is based on current annual audited turnover.

This is a cost effective way for an existing manufacturing / marketing / distribution company to obtain and then build upon an economic toe hold in Asia with all her production advantages.This represents huge potential for synergy and our existing client and order base could help finance that.
Please think about the implications of this.We represent your gateway into the manufacturing advantages of Thailand.

Our trade and product references are excellent but obviously cannot be disclosed at this stage.

This opportunity should be of interest to :-

- Lure makers, fly tying companies, packing, merchandising and product assembly companies.
- Any company  seeking to establish a manufacturing presence in a lower labour cost environment.
- Private investors and entrepeneurs with vision and marketing skills.
- Companies within the fishing industry, looking for new and unique products, lower cost production and wanting to expand.
- Companies seeking to diversify and grow into new markets.
- Companies within the industry looking for new product lines that are unique to us.
- Perhaps a consortium of smaller scale fly tyers looking to establish larger scale production in a low labour cost / 
  high skill environment.
The current owners would be happy to be retained as managers / minority shareholders and work under contract for the new owners. We will be happy to stay on for as long as needed by the buyer.

Please contact us for further information.


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The most expensive rods in the WORLD are made in Chiangmai which is also the home of 10 trout fly companies? and two of the world's foremost neoprene manufacturers. The nearest sea by the way is on the West Coast of Myanmar miles away from Chiangmai but there you have it. Thailand's Northern City of Chiangmai not only supplies the world with fishing accessories, its also the home of the Rainbow Trout breeding program in Asia. Tonkin Cane is from the famous Mekong Delta & these rods are now collectors items!!

For manufacturers who want to be listed on this site write to us as we have a fishing section in the Chiangmai Trader News where we can list your business & we will be publishing the Thailand Fishing News as well. If you want to advertise with us our rates are well below normal & we insert your ads on Asia Trading Post under our plan ads. A 1/4 page monthly page if taken out for 6 months is 600 baht or $US15 per month. 

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   CLICK  [ World Fishing Manufacturers ] We have the largest list of fishing manufacturers

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PSC: Without a doubt the largest Sports Club in Thailand covering all sports from Golf to darts to tennis, golf, bowling, computing. They also welcome all new members and offer discounts at many businesses in Pattaya for their members from Hotel discounts, food, rentals, night spots, diving, fitness classes, tailors to golf and even hospitals and printing. Membership increased by 26% this year & they have an excellent patronage. They organize bowling and fishing contests plus many other events & in April this year the Prime Minister of Thailand & his deputy agreed to sponsor the trophies for these events hence the good work this Club and its members do for the community. Want to know more then look at their site. PATTAYA Sports Club:  

Maechan Resort and Fishing Park is located at 58 Moo 11, Maechan-Taton Road, Maechan, Chiang Rai. 35 Kilometres from Chiang Rai, 35 Kilometres from Maesai and Chiang Saen and only 500 Metres from Maechan Hot Spa. We have 15 bungalows, one restaurant and 2 fishing ponds ( About the same size as a football field and 2-3 metres deep).2. All bungalows furnished with king-size bed, terrace and hot water. Some rooms have air-conditioners. Room rate for a couple/ family is ranged from 600-1,200 (Jun-Oct). Casual seminars or parties up to 60 people are welcome.3. We don't have rods for rent but we charge you 20 Baht per rod per day (Bring your own rods) and charge 400 Baht per kilo for Giant Cat Fish(Pla Buk) and 60 per kilo for another kinds of fish if you bring it home or have it cooked there. We have different kinds of fresh water fish ie : Giant Cat Fish (25 kilo up), Russian Cat Fish, Pla Nuan Chan (Thynnichthys), Pla Tapian (Puntius), Pla Nil, Pla Nai, etc.For more information or reservations, please contact Ms. Waraporn Ruangpeerakul Tel/Fax 038-360087, 412676, 01-6674257 or e-mail :

                   COME BACK SOON & HAPPY FISHING 

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