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Thailand & Chiangmai Law service- 

CHIANGMAI: Kuhn Sumalee Jennapa ( Lawyer LLB Barrister at law) Chiangmai, Thailand from the "29 TANIN CO LTD".  We can now offer you services at very reasonable rates. Kuhn Sumalee speaks English so please ask us any questions and compare our prices.  Bangkok joins us to provide the following services in Bangkok, Chiangmai & Thailand.

Bangkok and Pattaya Khun Nida speaks excellent English

Mobile: (66) 083-2931045 our law 24 hour help service


Visas, work permits, all company formation,limited partnerships, marriage, divorce, power of attorney, copyrights, internet help,  Accountancy services, taxation, Marriage services & Immigration, House registration, leases, Litigation, civil, copyrights, Import /export help eg. L of Cs etc. Translations & many other services. email us.



A foreigner can own a car with a non immigrant visa.

However you must furnish ownership papers, letter from immigration now (same as a bank account?? although this has been waivered,) & copies of your passport main page and visa page. Every vehicle must have a registration book & it pays to have a receipt to cover any changes: eg. new motor, change of paint etc. A recent case of a foreigner having his Thai friend’s name on the book resulted in his losing half his money to his “best friend” when he decided to sell it. Possession is one thing but if you are not the registered owner then the person who you decided to get to sign the form has every right to take that vehicle from you whenever he or she likes. This is the same for motorcycles. However if you have this problem there are forms that a lawyer can draw up so for the small fee charged don’t you think it’s well worth it!! Time and time again we hear of foreigners losing their possessions like the Honda Dream they put in their girlfriend’s name. If you decide to buy a car in Pattaya or Bangkok but live in Chiangmai, you need to obtain a letter from Chiangmai Immigration before you change the papers stating you live in Chiangmai. This is essential as they will not take your house papers, lease or rental receipts or even an Embassy letter so it will save you a trip to go back to your city to visit immigration. To obtain a letter take in your passport, 2 photos and the immigration will type you out a letter stating you live in Chiangmai on the spot. There is no charge for this letter. Remember agreements signed & witnessed are legal in Thailand.


This is a good alternative to buying a house with a company. The first lease should be done properly by a reliable lawyer. They would charge about 5000 -10000 baht. You must take the lease to the Amphur together with the nor sor sam or Kanut and register it. They then stamp the document on the back. The land cannot then be sold unless the lease is cancelled. A lease without doing this is totally useless. The lawyer would take the title deed to the Amphur and get it legalized.The wife or owner should then sign another 30 year lease dated from the end of the first one. Yes you can renew a 30 year lease. Most wives would agree to these procedures by explaining to them that if they died, they would not want their husbands thrown out!!! At the end of the thirty year lease, all you have to do is get a lawyer to take it to the amphur again. It really is all very simple. A virtual 60 year lease should cover most peoples lifetime and the wife can leave the property in her will to the children and if you die the lease could be terminated and the property go to your children.



If a shop overcharges you by 3% or more for goods purchased tell your American Express Office as this is illegal in Thailand. You will find many shops are hesitant to take an Amex card as they must pay a 3% charge, but they most certainly will pass it on to you.


Are your credit card bills higher than you’d like? Replace those credit cards with debit cards to keep from adding new, nondeductible debt. Debit cards work exactly like credit cards except that when you make a purchase the money is automatically deducted from your checking account. There can never be a balance at the end of the month, because you pay for your purchases immediately. One of the nice things about paying off all your nondeductible debt is that it takes some strain off paying the bills each month. Plus, you don’t have all that credit card interest to pay. That frees up money for savings, and that’s a good thing because most of us don’t save as much as we should. See your bank as some do charge you eg the UK charges 2.7% foreign exchange commission & if you pay by visa no fee!! A cash advance you pay 1.5% handling fee only.

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Initially you must apply for a nonimmigrant visa before you enter the country from a Thai Embassy abroad. Permission will be for 90 days. for the first permit (single entry) but you can apply for a multiple max one year stay in Thailand. Requirements: 1/. Application form T.M.72/. Copy of passport or substitute document. 3/. One 4 x 6 cm photo. 4/. 500 baht fee. 5/. Proof of financial status or pension. If the applicant is 60 years or older, the alien must have a definite income of not less than 200,000 baht per year or not less than 20,000 baht per month. For an applicant who is over 55 years old, proof of income of 800,000 baht in a Thai bank OR an income of not less than 65,000 baht per month must be presented. If married to a Thai 400,000 baht [NB.. THE OLD LAW WAS YOU HAD TO HAVE BOTH ).

If the alien is ill, or has weak health and is sensitive to colder climates or has resided in Thailand for a long period, and is 55-59 years old, special circumstances may be given. The applicant must also submit medical certificates and proof that he/she lived in Thailand for a long time. For info: Tel: (02) 287-3905 or 287-3101-10 (ext 2259-61).

Pensioners arriving before Oct 1998 with unbroken records while living here only need 200,000 baht in a Thai Bank when they apply for an extension.

Those arriving in Oct 1998 or after & have obtained a permit to stay on the basis of having 200,000 baht in a Thai Bank, must increase that amount to 800,000 baht before applying for an annual extension.


If you are coming to Thailand to start your own business remember you do not have to set up a company. Depending on the business you can form a Limited Partnership. However it pays to obtain your non immigrant “B” visa before you come into the country. A limited partnership may be all you need but if you are a foreigner then you will need a work permit & non immigrant “B” visa which means you will need either or: company or partnership. Play safe as so many foreigners lose their bars and business due to incompetence on their side and not being aware of the rules of business in Thailand. Remember it is illegal to work in Thailand unless you possess a current work permit even if you do NGO work or voluntary work. It pays to play safe but if you do not know then ask us: as we know Thai lawyers that can help you form your business with excellent rates 2nd to none. 


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Mobile: (66) 083-2931045 our law 24 hour help service

  The above rules can apply to any city in Thailand

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N.B. Complete law services via our NEW Thai Lawyer partner . (re: Alien Business Law: NEC Announcement 281 Cat A prohibited to foreigners). However under the terms of our  Company License Asia Trading Post (Co Ltd)  provide : 1. Cat 34 lawyer services  &2.  Cat 35.consultancy services.

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