Chiangmai Golf Courses:   

Chiangmai has some excellent Golf courses which normally are booked during the weekends and range from 9 to 18 holes. The green and caddy fees vary from place to place. Golf clubs and electric cars can be rented and all courses have caddies. There are 4 driving ranges which charge from between 30 baht (1-1.20 US$) for a tray of 50-60 balls. Transport is available to take you to any Golf course & this is where we come into it. We specialize in picking you up from your Hotel once you arrive in Chiangmai then taking you to any Golf course in Chiangmai that you want to play at plus delivery back to your Hotel. In the evening we take you to a seafood or Traditional Thai restaurant then to a nightclub of your choice or just plain relaxing with massage or buying at the night bazaar. OUR PACKAGES ARE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED & WE CATER TO FOREIGNERS & TRAVELERS REGARDLESS IF YOU DO NOT PLAY GOLF




Royal Chiangmai Golf

1. Chiangmai Golf Driving range. Airport Rd Intersection, Tel 282-838, 283-160 fax (053) 201-607                      2. Chiangmai Green Valley Country Club. 18 holes. 183/2 Chotana Rd. Tel:(00-66)53 298249  Fax: (053) 297386
3. Chiangmai-Lumphun Golf Club.18 holes Chiangmai/Samkampaeng Rd  Tel:(00-66) 053 880880-4 or Fax: (00-66) 053-88-0888. 4. Gymkhana Club. 9 holes. Chiangmai-Lumphun Rd.  Tel:(00-66)53 247-352  fax:(053) 247-352
5. Royal Chiangmai Golf Club. 18 holes.169 Moo 5 Km 26. Chiangmai-Phrao Rd (Mae Jo/Phrao Rd) Tel: 849-301/9, Fax: 471-742

Chiangmai Golfers Tours for all our transport & local tours unless by prior arrangement with our Hotels :

Let us take you to the best Golf courses & the 9 hole Gymkhana Club: Green Valley and Royal Chiangmai which are totally superb & if you wish to try Chiangmai-Lumphun, ChiangRai or Mae Sot then a package can be arranged. Please ask us for the latest costs


We tailor make any package for you: 

CHIANGMAI GOLFERS PACKAGE : Chiang Mai. From 1 day to - 4 day / 3night - 3 rounds of golf. ARRIVAL DAY: We pick you up and take you to your Hotel to settle in or play a round of golf in the afternoon. Day 2: Golf in the morning at  Royal Chiangmai Golf Course or if you are jet lagged then play on the easy Gymkhana Club in Chiangmai to get the feeling back in the hands. A-la-carte at Royal Chiangmai during the week otherwise its a shower and changed & to one of our special restaurants with optional kantoke concert evening & then a nightclub that we have planned for you or buying at the night bazaar. Day 3: Choice of golf again at the fabulous green valley Golf Course. An early start then time for either a Massage & luncheon buffet available at green Valley after which a  FREE afternoon to go shopping at either the shopping of your choice. Or you can choose a day trip to the border/ hill tribes etc & see the mighty Mekong River which includes lunch. Day 4: Another game of golf & after visit the elephants, snakes & orchard farms then its a night on the town with kantoke Thai Traditional meal & show. Chance for last minute buying at the night bazaar. Transport is arranged. Loads of options here & if you purchase we arrange shipping for you. Total 4 day package: 12-15,000 baht (  including Hotel & ABF  ( 42 baht = $US1 ). Make up your party of friends & see what we can do to tailor make your package. Our team consists of one Kiwi, 2 Aussies a driver & 2 Qualified Thai tour guides all fully licensed.


BASED ON SINGLE PERSON: Full costs approx 9,500 baht for 3 days of Golf but if more than 1 person we discount so make up a team of 4 or more and write to us as the more that come the cheaper it is:

Green Valley 3500 baht for one day at which includes transport, Golf fees, club hire, shoes, chair, Cart, transport for the day & buffet luncheon & shopping at the factories you want to see. Includes snacks, water & soft drinks. Hotel not included.

Royal Chiangmai budget around 2800 baht a day. Includes transport full Golf hire and fees plus Cart. A-la carte meal snacks & shopping of your choice & Transport. Hotel not included. If you want to stay at Royal Chiangmai for a night then they do have a good special which we can book for you or  [ take a look ].

ChiangMai- Lumphun with full hire and fees plus Cart for 2 people look at a price of 3300 baht per day per each including transfers snacks and drinks & a-la-carte meal at the Chiangmai-Lumphun course. Hotel not included.

Night time entertainment we need to know in advance for Kantoke & night bazaar. 





Transport and free pickup Golf at any course in Chiangmai or North
Luncheon & snacks Accommodation to your standard.
After golf functions & sight seeing buying direct to the factories
 Khantoke dinner  Guide to whatever you desire



                 CHOICE OF HOTELS                    Price / Person (Baht )
Please note these prices change depending on numbers and time of year. Just ask us   1 night 1 golf  2 nights 2 golf  3 nights 2 golf
   Single   Twin   Single   Twin   Single  Twin
 Green View International Resort  2,200  1760  4,400  3,520  5,390  4,070
 The Empress Hotel  2,420  1,870  4,730  3,740  5,940  4,400
 Lotus Pang Suan Kaew Hotel  2,420  1,870  4,840  3,740  6,050  4,400
 Imperial Mae Ping  2,640  2,090  5,280   4,180  6,710  5,060
 Royal Princess Hotel  3,300  2,750  7,700  5,390  10,340  6,820

Above package includes:

1/. Accommodation with daily breakfast. Please select your Hotel.

2/. Weekday Golf with green fees, caddy fees at either Chiangmai Green valley Country Club, Royal Chiangmai Golf Resort & Chiangmai-Lumphun Golf Club.

3/. Discount at Angsana Spa & a la carte menu.

4/. Transfers from airport-hotel - airport & between golf courses

5/. If less than 4 persons we can quote a price for you.


Hotel, golf and trekking packages that suit your pocket! Ask us as we can still tailor make a package for you & recommend any Hotel we feel will suit you. We have excellent guides all TAT licensed & Licensed by ChiangMai University & we show you what no one else will show you. Our tours are different.

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