Quantity per 20' FCL: 16.50 MT
- Quantity per 40' FCL: 32 MT

We specialize in THAILAND CHARCOAL.

We ship full container loads of I know supplier for bag and box who can offer us.
Please see attached for charcoal. Thai - Myanmar border.
We have our factory stock for B grade Charcoal now. We will be able to supply A grade
for BBQs & restaurants and we are looking for customers in overseas countries willing to buy our Charcoal products.Mangrove Wooden Charcoal is a Thailand hardwood charcoal, made from high extremely good quality mangrove branches and trunk wood. There are A, B & C grades of charcoal with lengths and diameter in varying sizes but we can make for you and bag to your requirements i.e., Mangrove Wood Charcoal from Thailand
is a very Long Lasting and High Heat ( Kachi ) Thai Charcoal, with low ash ratings and can be supplied to you
from Powder style to1cm to 3cm 5 cm and 17 cm length and B is 2, 5 cm and length 5-8 cm.

Premium Grade Mangrove Charcoal

We highly appreciate your sincere support for our service.

There are different grades of charcoal but check for your requirements

Premium Grade Mangrove Charcoal

Specification : Characteristics Test Results
Moisture 5-7 %
Volatile Matter 15-20 %
Fixed Carbon 70-80 %
Ash 5 % (max on dry basis)
Sulfur 0.2 %(max on dry basis)

Test by : Department of Chemical Technology, Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University. Bangkok, Thailand.

Terms and Conditions

A) Term of Payment  :          T/T 50%  in advance  and Balance after fax B/L’s
B) Loading Available :            24-25 MT to 1x40’HC
C) Shipment Term     :           FOB Bangkok        

We hope that our quotation will be acceptable and meet your requirement. Please feel free to contact us for any inquire. We are in the service of you at any time.We highly appreciate your sincere support for our service. We are pleased to offer you our Charcoal Grade and costs per metre tonne

Feel free to ask us any questions and we look forward to assisting you.



There are different grades of charcoal but check below for your requirements. We have High quality Charcoal Briquettes made from 100% Natural Charcoal and this charcoal does not contain mineral coals or chemicals of any sort. Everything is natural.

We sell minimum 100 pcs 1x20' but mostly we sell1x40'HC . Be an agent in your country

and buy from us. We can bag to your needs.


Thailand vehicles we can ship for you and provide full fumigation, packing and shipping via our Company. FREE pickup and dereg of your Toyota Vigo or any car you wish to ship from Thailand. We arrange clearance in the UK--Tilbury or Felixtowe ports.  email us:

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