WE EXPORT ALL MOTOR VEHICLES FROM THAILAND FOR CUSTOMERS EX BANGKOK. If you wish us to buy all cars are purchased at retail Thailand costs + VAT.We specialize in shipping only.

Our company now exports any pickups: Toyota Vigo 2 door or 4 door with wellside deck plus accessories to any country. If you are looking for the hottest selling pickups in Thailand then the Toyota Vigo is hard to beat. Read the news flash on the Toyota Vigo 4 x4 Pickup.

below is the NEW Toyota Pickup Hilux D2D etc

Please note our company is totally registered & Thailand Export license holders plus we are Registered members of ( EAN ) Thai Federation of Industries.Safeguard your car buys by dealing with only REGISTERED THAILAND EXPORT COMPANIES.


Looking for a pickup or sports utility vehicle then look no further.
Quality 4WD and 2WD pickups direct from the manufacturer.
The new Toyota Vigo is available for export from Thailand. Our Toyota Vigo prices can not be beaten! We have Toyota Vigo 4WD double-cabs in stock and available for immediate shipping anywhere in the world.

We export all Thailand made cars and pickups from the fabulous 2006 Toyota Vigo (NOW AVAILABLE!) Toyota Vigo Double Cab and Extra Cab (3.0L and 2.7L).

Toyota Vigos: 4 main models:

1/ Double cab  4x4    =  2.5D   or  auto 

2/. Double cab 4 x 2   =   standard or  auto with ABS 

3/. Xtra Cab 4 x 2    3 litre Diesel & or petrol 2.7 litre petrol 

4/.Xtra Cab 4 x 4     2.7 litre auto petrol to the  3.0 litre diesel model  

We can sell with mags, power steering, electric locking ABS airbags, CD MP3, LCD video, tinted glass, fog lamps, bull bars, roll bars and more. Prices depend on colours, and options wanted but add the shipping and then you have your price 

If you wish us to buy all cars are purchased at retail Thailand costs.We specialize in shipping only.

We can ship to you FCL 20ft to Tilbury or Felixtowe UK direct.

The fabulous Honda Jazz, plus your own vehicles. Please check your import regs to western countries as Izusu's and Mitsubishi may not be allowed to import to your country under new rules. We have our own shipping company, storage depot, packing in Bangkok and offer full shipping services from RoR to FCL. We guarantee you won't find cheaper prices or better service because we are a shipping company. Either 2 wheel or 4 wheel drive and we can supply accessories like roll bars, bull bars, extra lights, fog lights, rear ute lids, fire extinguisher, lights, rear steps, canopies, liners, internal DVD, video & LCD DVD screens, heaters, canopies, tinted glass, leather seats, electric windows, cruise control, pioneer stereos, at unbeatable prices as we have our own staff & factory setup. If you buy your own car and want exported then ask us. We also export motorcycles, excavators and trucks so theres nothing we cannot do. We are registered Thai exporters & members of EAN: Thai Federation of Industries so fully certified. We can also arrange clearance in the UK and other countries for you to make the process easier.



Interested in buying these pickups then write to us with full address details and port of entry and country for quotation. If you buy then we can ship for you and provide full fumigation, packing and shipping via our Company. FREE pickup and dereg of your Toyota Vigo or any car you wish to ship from Thailand.  Just email us:

Please send us port of entry and full address details including fax/tel

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This vehicle we shipped to India from Bangkok

2. What 's The Dimensions Of your Car ( WIDTH X LENGTH X HEIGHT ) In C.M.
3. What 's Your Area In Thailand ? ( Tumbol,District etc. )
Where do you wish to send to: main port of entry in your Country
Plus Handling Charges , Documentation ,Customer Clearance , Courier Charge and Certificate of Origin
All Includes = Usd$250. / shipmen




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