Over 6000 bikes from all over Thailand attended the BangSaen Bike Weekend held at Bang Saen Beach on Novemver 29th 2008. A great success and well done. Many bikes of all shapes and sizes and many MC Clubs from all over Thailand got together to make it a success. Complete with Rock Bands, market stalls and something for all including a motorcycle Harley Davidson sell section this is a follow up of the recent 9th November BangSaen Street Car Races. Check out the pics




Bang Saen Bike week November 29th -30th 2008

What a blast this Bike week at Bangsaen was ureal

Just too many Thais and foreign MCs to count them all but heh theres were over 6000 bikes here

so get a load of that

Check the MC Clubs and there machines

So were others: Hondas OK!!!! at leats theyre reliable?


But then the big boys had stuff like this: Above is this Chev V8

This spinger Harley Davidson for sale 800,000baht

Bikes for sale check this Fatboy Harley around 800,000baht

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The time its still 5pm and local MP Somchai hotshot

arrives in his sidecar with Police escort

MP Somchai the local Bang Saen MP being welcomed

& his friends were there to look after him

Many of the latest creation bikes were there! and we have more to see

Like these lovelies ready foir the action Miss Bang Saen Bike Week

Rolling in to Bang Saen 1 hour South from Bangkok on the Coast of Thailand & can you believe 6000 motocycles attended this meet with local identity Jimmy Weeks overseeing from the condo the background counting the bikes

Yeah thats the Boat condo in the background??? but keep clicking as we have more pages

By the way these pages are dedicated to all the Motorcycle enthusiasts foreign and Thai MC Clubs in Thailand where one can "RIDE HARD & LIVE LIFE TO ITS FULLEST". Different from the rest bikers can do most things without the Police hassling them. Thats why they can ride in the wind here!! Bike Clubs wanting links to us just send your banner & we will send one of ours.

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