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IF ITS FUN AND GAMES YOU ARE LOOKING FOR THEN BANGKOK has it all. One of the few places IN THE WORLD where there's actually more girls than guys( depending on where you go of course), and where they even have pick-up joints for men ( yeah that's right). Guess you didn't realize this in 2010 or is it that the West has gone virile???? & Bangkok is the last city of the world that has so much to offer yet keeps itself apart from the western countries. Let's face it Bangkok is a colourful city with loads OF FUN PLACES yet is safer than New York or London after dark!! .  Take a look at what we have for you  in Amazing Bangkok & drink the night away.

  Watch out for the kratoi's (traneees) on the corner of Nana to Soi 3.. They work in pairs & will lift your wallet, watch and mobile--------bad boys at that!. Gone is the nightclub in Nana Hotel--it was too expensive and lacked customers but plenty of other places to visit. Try above Foodlands and check out Buffalo Bill if you like old time music with Eagles etc.


Bangkok's  bars and Go-Go's close around 12- 2pm?? but there are places you can still enjoy. You have a choice of  3 areas: Patpong and the Silom area, but the better places are around Sukhumvit Rd, Soi Cowboy. In the evening and up until about 2.00am there are several places to frequent. In Nana Plaza the disco girlie bars stay open till 2am with no cover charge but if you want to take a girl out you must pay the bar fine of 600 baht then negotiate with the girl which will set you back a further 1-2000 baht or? Patpong is the same- but a little better than say nana Plaza whose prices are more expensive. Owned by a foreigner Nana Plaza are getting pretty pushy as is the Nana Hotel & disco & girls who want up to 2500 baht a time.. Patpong had a bad reputation but it depends also on your attitude. Remember too you are a Guest here in Thailand & the culture differences are such that the Thais won't tolerate crap- they tolerate a lot & have no attitude problems like the West-- so leave all your's at home-- if you know what I mean. In Thailand if you get involved with Thais in say altercations be warned you will come off 2nd best. The Police will also take no nonsense so enjoy don't make life difficult & show a little respect even though you don't in you own country.

  Everything is negotiable with the Thai girls even for tours and biz trips only but agree first otherwise you might be relieved of more cash than you at first figured out. Girls are normally OK as the owners won't tolerate them fleecing the foreigners (Nana Owners-some of whom are foreigners). They don't like the publicity & they certainly don't want the bad stigma that of being reported in the "Bangkok Post" -business is business as they say so unlike Khao Sarn Rd they do well, to discourage so called "fleecing by their ladies of the night". the rest is up to you. ENJOY BANGKOK AS ITS THE ONLY PLACE LIKE IT IN THE WORLD. EVERY NIGHT IS PARTY TIME. Hide your wallet and valuables first if you intend taking a girl back and arrange money before you go to the Hotel --the rest is up to you.


SUKHUMVIT ROAD: Lots of Hotels, market stalls, women & pretty lights.


Beer Garden Sukhumvit Soi 7.  Great meeting place for  expats with a large circle egg shaped bar & the place for visitors to Bangkok. Loads of girls in the afternoon with more coming in at night. Indeed no shortage of women here. There's a few other bars in this Soi (street) with a new food & beer bar area opposite, plus the New Wave Bar. The food's Ok & watch out for the cockatoo--it squauks. Owned by a Thai now and boosts an upstairs bar as well? if you want to play pool then head across the road & Thai food served. Lots of girls hang around the street & there's a couple of good open air bars in the Soi (street).  All around this part of Sukhumvit there's just loads of girls hanging around and more surprisingly when the daylight turns to darkness. However it starts at 10am right thru till 2-3 am & a definite start to a Bangkok siesta of fun. Ask the price before you leave as there have been a few foreigners drugged & also they may charge 2000 baht but recently the girls moonlight from day jobs while many are the usual ones who frequent the place. As of July 2007 haven't heard any bad vibes from here & its totally safe to drink and have fun. Salads 60-80baht and mains around 120-150baht..

The Thermae Soi 15 Sukhumvit, bar-girls are everywhere but this is a place thats different. One of he most popular pick up joint late at night is The Thermae Coffee Shop, a basement bar area in Ruam Chit Plaza, where girls congregate from early 5pm - late now and thanks to the interim government the late night closing is backm in vogue 2am. . Go there late as there's plenty of other places to go and see before you head to this bar-den-jukebox - whatever you call it.  It's worth seeing everyone around a big hall staring at each other and it closes at 2.00am-- ideal if you are really desperate but it's amazing who you see there and some lovely yound talent as well as olds for the oldies. Many girls are either unemployed, or moonlighting to help their mothers & grandparents back in Essan but the place fills with Thai Ladies who stop by after leaving their other places of work and fun; namely the go go's and bars where they haven't been able to pick anyone up. But I have met many who have day time jobs. Very safe and never ever seen a fight there. A bunch of oldies walk around selling you drinks. You can just talk and mix with the Thai ladies and it is so much easier to talk in Thailand and smile than any other country.


Nana Hotel & Golden Bar & Angels disco (now closed) in Sukhumvit Soi 4, opposite Nana Plaza with outdoor Golden Bar always full. This has been a popular after hours meeting place for a long time now and it still gets really packed. No entrance charge & the disco has loud music & lots of girls. Outside on the street there's a bar and all day the girls hang about. A lot of foreigners stay in the Nana Hotel which is OK at 1200 plus baht a night. There's loads of girls here & it's not that far to your room. The Hotel is an OK place to stay and an eye opener for couples. It pays to book during the November-March rush but its an easy taxi ride from Don Muang Airport. The Lobby itself has bars and restaurant plus a booking Office for ongoing travel to wherever you want to go. The Front Golden Bar is oopen by 10am and fills up but a nice spot to watch what goes by each day. Watch out for the ripoff touts shoe shine for 50baht & the RESCUE SQUAD LADY AND MAN IN BLUE UNIFORM WHICH IS A SCAM AND THEY ARE THERE EVERY DAY. They are after donations but really are only collecting money for themselves ---another scam.




Nana Entertainment Plaza, opposite Nana Hotel, is a three-story building with an enclosed courtyard. The entire building and courtyard are full of bars run by the Crown Group but no relation to the King Group of Patpong. here its foreign owned. Most are of the go-go (aka "a-go-go") type with female dancers. Lady boys (transvestites) work in one bar on the 2nd floor  (which in the west is the first floor) & there are no gay bars. The drinks are dear 125 baht for a beer & around 90-110 for a coke with a lady drink the same so watch your pocket and check your bins to make sure they aren't overloaded especially if yourve had a few to drink. Make sure when you give a 1000 baht note that you tell the waitress what youve paid. Theres a restaurant (Woodstock) and two short-time hotels (Spirit House and Taboo). Nana starts around 8:00 PM till 2am which may change to even shorter hours. The Nana Complex is dirty, run down and watch out for your wallets. The place has changed as at 2010. Also Nana Plaza has many kratoey bars and the second floor is crowded with them--- the place is dirty and lost a lot of its charm in 2010 and drinks are anywhere from 150 baht to 250 baht so check first before you buy and ask ther price.

Bamboo Bar Soi 3 Nana , opposite Grace Hotel, has a band plays at 11pm??? miles late and the drinks are too expensive. 200 baht for a Bacardi Breeze (53baht in the 7/11); 100 baht for a Diet Coke and 75n baht for a can of coke. Totally outrageous for a pub but then many bars and pubs are charging outrageous prices for entertainment and thats what Bangkok is all about?? Not recommended by us apart from pool and the band & a few girls to chat too. Theres definitely better places to go and see but the choice is yours. They do have Pizzas and Donar Kababs and good value..

THE Good News:  the next night he went back again to the bar and the lady Thai owner made the girl pay most of the money back --- lucky for him as the Thai owner used to live in Australia & our friend was an Aus --- so remember you guys who come here.

By our NIGHT OWL nok man Rodney in Bangkok

Want to see more: You will when we get Rod to take in more places for you to enjoy when you come to Bangkok. Any info you want to know about just drop him a line & he will answer any questions for  you.  Wow! and with an email address  like this one you've got to feel safe.

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