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IF ITS FUN AND GAMES YOU ARE LOOKING FOR THEN BANGKOK has it all. One of the few places IN THE WORLD where there's actually A LOT OF NICE guys( depending on where you go of course), and where they even have pick-up joints for men ( yeah that's right). Guess you didn't realize this in 2000 or is it that the West has gone virile???? & Bangkok is the last city of the world that has so much to offer yet keeps itself apart from the western countries. Let's face it Bangkok is a colourful city with loads OF FUN PLACES yet is safer than New York or London after dark!! .  Take a look at what we have for you  in Amazing Bangkok & drink the night away.

  Watch out for the kratoi's (traneees) on the corner of Nana to Soi 3 although the Police have cleaned this area up & thery have moved more by the bus station between Soi3 -5.. They work in pairs & will lift your wallet, watch and mobile--------bad boys at that!.



Bangkok's  bars and Go-Go's close around 2pm but there are places you can still enjoy. You have a choice of  3 areas: Patpong and the Silom area, but the better places are around Sukhumvit Rd, Soi Cowboy WHERE YOU WILL FIND kRATOYS OF BOYS. In the evening and up until about 2.00am there are several places to frequent. In Nana Plaza the disco girlie bars stay open till 2am with no cover charge but if you want to take a boyl out you must pay the bar fine of 600 baht then negotiate with the boy which will set you back a further 1-2000 baht or?  Owned by a foreigner Nana Plaza are getting pretty pushy as is the Nana Hotel & disco & toy boys who want up to 2500 baht a time.. Patpong had a bad reputation but it depends also on your attitude. Remember too you are a Guest here in Thailand & the culture differences are such that the Thais won't tolerate crap- they tolerate a lot & have no attitude problems like the West-- so leave all your's at home-- if you know what I mean. In Thailand if you get involved with Thais in say altercations be warned you will come off 2nd best. The Police will also take no nonsense so enjoy don't make life difficult & show a little respect even though you don't in you own country..


  Everything is negotiable with the boys but agree first otherwise you might be relieved of more cash than you at first figured out. Girls are normally OK as the owners won't tolerate them fleecing the foreigners (Nana Owners-some of whom are foreigners). They don't like the publicity & they certainly don't want the bad stigma that of being reported in the "Bangkok Post" -business is business as they say so unlike Khao Sarn Rd they do well, to discourage so called "fleecing by their ladies of the night". the rest is up to you. ENJOY BANGKOK AS ITS THE ONLY PLACE LIKE IT IN THE WORLD. EVERY NIGHT IS PARTY TIME. Hide your wallet and valuables first if you intend taking a boy back and arrange money before you go to the Hotel --the rest is up to you.

SUKHUMVIT ROAD: Lots of Hotels, market stalls, kratoys & pretty lights.



PATPONG RD  FAMOUS FOR ITS COPIES AND GOGO BARS AND IS A TOTAL RIP OFF PRICE FOR DRINKS ETC. However, in the last couple of years the nightmarket (selling fake Rolexes & Amanis,Nikies, etc)  has basically taken over the footpaths,& loads of tourists (if you can call it that). It has become the place where all the tourists go to have a look at the bars and to get ripped off at the market. Its always crowded and more expensive than other areas. The touts at most of the bars have also become very 'aggressive' in the way they try to get you inside. The bars on the ground floor are OK. There is not a lot of nudity in these bars, although there are some pretty erotic shows on the second floor.However ask how much the drinks are first as they will rip you off. Patpong has lost its charm. Forget about bar fining though, the boys may be very attractive, most boys ask exorbitant prices (2,000 Baht shorttime or more ). Have small change not 1000 baht notes when you drink in bars and watch the waitresses who may say you never gave them the 1000 baht so maybe if you have high notes tell the waitress or waiter so they know what they got. Keep away from upstairs bars who will try to rip you & watch your wallet ---- there are many katoeys (trannies) who work in pairs who just love mobiles & wallets. The King's Group seem the better bars to visit.




OOps!  I nearly forgot. If its boy's your'e after then you'd better stay at the Malaysia Hotel & check around Patpong. The Malaysia will put you right as you only need to venture into the Restaurant to find the boy of your choice. This sounds all to easy in Bangkok, & indeed it is. Have fun. Although aimed more toward gay men than lesbians, there are a variety of clubs in Silom Sois 2 & 4. Bangkok is also home to a number of transsexuals, called Ladyboys. Lesbian-Friendly venues include China Journal Thonglor; Cool Bar Viphavadi Rd; Imageries Sukhumvit Soi 24 long Oey, Soi Aree; Vega Sukhumvit Soi 39; Warehouse Prachachuen. Gay Listings in Bangkok Gay Listings Anjaree Group Phra Nakorn 02-477 1776, fax 02-477 1776 Anjaree Decade-Old lesbian organisation campaigns, publishes a newsletter in Thai and holds group socials. Tom-Dee same-sex campaigners Now publishes a monthly, An: Another Way Magazine. Feature news, articles, opinion and a Dyke Diary. Contact An 02-668 2185 ext 3, fax 02-243 7307 anmagazine on subscription B300 yr The Babylon 34 Soi Nantha, off Sathorn Soi 1 02-679 7984-5,


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By our NIGHT OWL nok man Rodney in Bangkok

Want to see more: You will when we get RodZ to take in more places for you to enjoy when you come to Bangkok. Any info you want to know about just drop him a line & he will answer any questions for  you.  Wow! and with an email address  like this one you've got to feel safe.

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