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                      (The FREE Classified Trading Post of BANGKOK )

ALL BUSINESS RELATED ADS PLEASE REFER TO THE RATES BELOW. Save your position now. Those advertisers who have already taken up our offer will start at the rate as quoted previous.

Advertising Rates  of the Bangkok Trader News hardcopy publication

Dear Advertiser, 

Yes at long last the Bangkok Trader news made its debut in January 2005 launch date. Get ready for the Nations top Classified magazine that everyone has been waiting for. We are getting set to take Bangkok by storm so if you have a business or service get in early. 


Please note the rates for the Bangkok Trader News per issue. All FIRST UP FIRST SERVED advertisers who are advertising with us in the first 3 months of our publication will not be affected by rate increases if they remain advertising with us over 6 months. We are offering a startup discount for all advertisers less 10% on the rates advertised below min period 6 months. This means if you take out a 1/4 page 9.5 x 13.5 = 5,000 baht per month for 1 issue we deduct 10% plus a further deduction on the time you wish to take the money out ( 5% discount for 3 months, 10% discount for 6 months 15% discount for 12 months ). So for 6 months we discount 20% of the advertising rate and for 12 month advertisers 25% discount.

We are flexible and small ads max 25 words we are offering FREE for personal advertisers. All Business ads we charge for but as a special we are allowing all Real Estate & Car sellers 12 FREE 25 word ads.

1. 1/16th size advert 5 x 6.5 =1,800 baht a month. As these and 1/8 can be various sizes according to columns we use. eg. You may want a thin ad that stretches 3 columns of a 4 column page so the dimensions above are only a guide.

2. 1/8th page 9.5 X 6.5cm = 3,000 baht per month for 1 issue

3. 1/4 page 9.5 x 13.5 = 5,000 baht per month for 1 issue 

4. 1/2 page 19x 13.5 = 7,000 baht per month for 1 issue 

5. Full page 19 x 27cm = 12,000 baht per month for 1 issue; All full page advertisers receive excellent additional promotion options like free flyer inserts & writeups - please ask us.


page = 6500 baht min 3 months,  

page = 10,000 baht min 3 months,    

Full page Internal ad costs = 18,000 baht,   

( discounts for 3month adverts = 5%,  6 months ads = 10% & 12 month ads= 15% ad periods so be in early to book the best spaces for your business or service ).


5cm x 3.5 cm slots x 6 for 1500 baht each or (3 x slots) 9.5 x 3.5cm slots for 2800 baht each; 2 slots 9.5cm x 3.5cm = 5500 baht each (1x)  19.5cm x 1.5cm =2800 baht.


 We are offering the Inside back 4 colour cover only  for 22,000 baht per month  (Gloss).  These are now available. 1/2 page = 15,000 baht and 1/4 x2 slots = 8,000 baht a month but preference is given to full page takers AND THOSE WHO TAKE ADS FOR MIN 3 MONTH PERIODS. 

Remember if you take out a full page you also receive free writeups, FREE flyers and free insert ads in Bangkok and Chiangmai for your business or services. If you help us secure other business ads we give you FREE incentive with extra ads as well. If you are in Pattaya or Chiangmai we even discount further. 

These ad rates are on a first come first served basis & will be discounted if taken out for a 6 or 12 month period. Have your ad in the  Bangkok Trader News & receive a 5% discount for 3 months, 10% discount for 6 months 15% discount for 12 months.

Ads 3 months or over may be changed to suit for FREE, any time. We will be circulating the Trader in Bangkok at designated uplift spots on Sukhumvit, Silom, Panthip & various Clubs eg British, Royal, FCC & Polo Clubs. Deadline for ads or changes is the 20th of each month. It is the responsibility of each advertiser to contact us should they wish to change your ad-----NOT VISA VERSA. Long term advertisers will be advised when they can insert FREE additional writeups etc. Please note our Fax/Tel or email. All ad layouts by us will incur a fee unless full page or colour. If sending your ad to us by email please use PDF or Acrobat files & if over page in size,& TIFS or JPEGS if smaller and under 50 kbs. Please zip all files before sending to us with winzip..


WEBPAGES: 5 pages with free cgi bin form, unlimited FTP & changes, free text logo & JPEG changes anytime, 24 hour helpline & we submit to all the major search engines & directories except Yahoo & Looksmart main directories (requires an additional $US199 fee for each ). Cost is 6000 baht for first year, 4000 baht additional years with no monthly fees. Free changes anytime, free CGI bin for auto forms, free FTP anytime. All emails go direct to you. You can have your pages up before you pay- 1 month trial period with no obligation. Please contact us if you have any questions. All advertisers over page will also have a free ad on the Asia Trading Post website if running 6 months & over. If wanting to place ads in Chiangmai please ask for our special rate.


By direct debit to our Company account in Thailand. We invoice you with VAT tax invoice. All ads must be paid up minimum of 3 months. Therefore if you sign up for 6 months we accept payment for 3 months in advance then another 3 months after the first 3. If you advertise for 1 month ONLY you must pay in advance. No exceptions so please don't ask us as we have been through this route already. If you sign up for 6 months or 1 year and you decide to pay in advance you receive extra incentives from us eg. FREE flyers, free additional ad space, discounted rates & slots in our other news. Help us as we bend over backwards to help you. All 6-12 month advertisers will receive a contract by post. Others on application.

How we bill you: Once happy with your ad you want email us. We allow you to send your ad to us via TIF, Acrobat or PDF files or JPEG for small ads. Please use ZIPPED FILES. If you want us to design your ad we charge a small fee. We then send you our banking particulars and you can then deposit in any Bank of Bangkok. Once deposited you then send a copy of the deposit slip for our records via email, fax or mail & we will send you a proof of your ad, VAT receipt & contract for you to sign & send back. Once the contract is signed by us we stamp it with Company stamp, send it back to you & then you sit back and wait for the next edition to come out. Our bank details are emailed or faxed to you.


If you decide to cancel we require 2 months in advance notification by written letter & you forfeit 1 months advertising. If you do not give us notice you forfeit all outstanding months. If you have received any additional incentives from us you forfeit your outstanding months. Should for some unknown reason own Bangkok Trader ceases we will honour our contract & forfeit to all advertisers outstanding monies.

ASIA TRADING POST WILL FURTHER PROMOTE YOUR PRODUCTS OR SERVICES TO THE WORLD as we have the largest index based classifieds in Thailand..

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N.B. Complete law services via our NEW Thai Lawyer partner . (re: Alien Business Law: NEC Announcement 281 Cat A prohibited to foreigners). However under the terms of our  Company License Asia Trading Post (Co Ltd)  provide : 1. Cat 34 lawyer services  &2.  Cat 35.consultancy services.

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