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For buying, selling, renting or leasing BANGKOK APARTMENTS SALES, BANGKOK CONDOS, BANGKOK HOUSES, BANGKOK COMMERCIAL PROPERTY, BANGKOK RENTALS, BANGKOK LAND, BANGKOK HOUSES then check the best Bangkok Real Estate website below by clicking on the banner:



BANGKOK CHEAP APARTMENTS: We list these as a guide only and do not know if they are safe; secure and clean.

We welcome all comments from those who use the apts below 

Daily and monthly rates:

Bangkok Airport Apartment 371/20 Soi Saranakorn, Songprapha, TaladSangkong Bangkok. Tel : 566-2484, 566-2037 2000-2200 baht Boon NumSinn Apartment. Narathiwasrajanakarin Soi 10, Sathorn Road Tel : 676-3636, 676-3637.  9,000 baht plus. Boss Tower. 3241 Rama 4 Road Tel : 661-3150-70 8500-65,000 baht pool, tennis court & gym
Continental Mansion 34/7 Soi Lertbunya (Rajvithi Soi 9), Rangnam Road, Phyathai. Tel : 245-0218, 248-1549 8000 baht onwards. pool & gym CR Court. 227, 229 Soi Panichanan, Sukhumvit Soi 71, Tel : 392-8214. 2000-3000 baht Crystal Court. 23, Sukhumvit Soi 7, Sukhumvit Road Tel : 238-2994  7500-85,000 baht pool & gym
Galeria Service Mansion 24 Soi Pracharasadornbanphen 1,Huaykwang Intersection, Rachadaphisek Road Tel : 276-4382-4 4900 baht plus. pool & snooker room Inter Court Apartment 251 Soi Panit-Anan 7, Sukhumvit Soi 71, Tel : 381-3438-46  2900 baht up. minimart & restaurant KCC New Apartment 518 Sathupradit Road Tel : 295-4482, 392-1643-4  4500-6000 baht
KTA Mansion 14/1 Soi Barbos 2, Sukhumvit Soi 42, Tel : 712-3400  6000 baht onwards pool Mind Mansion Ratchadaphisek Soi 13, Opposite Nikko Hotel, Tel : 275-0170 5500-11,000 baht Mansion Apartments Avenue Mansion I Apartments 70/29 Petchaburi, Soi 7 Tel: (662) 2164521
P. Rangsit Apartment 40 Mitraphan Road Tel : 2221097, 222-5430  6500 baht up. Also has restaurant Avenue Mansion II Apartments 49 Soi Pattanakarn 44, Pattanakarn Road Suanluang Tel: (662) 722 6050 Out of the way location in the eastern suburbs of Bangkok - behind Osaka Massage. Manee Mansion 33/119 Moo 6 Soi Ladprao 71, Ladprao Road Tel: (662) 932 566 Out of the way location on the way to the airport
PA Tower. 29/12 Moo 8 Phaholyothin Soi 46/1,Tel : 551-2639-42,  4000 baht pool & minimart Phong Tower Apartment 49 Soi Inthamarap 29,Suthisarn Road Tel : 616-0314-23    2900 baht up. Ratchaprarop Mansion 99 Soi Boonprarop,Ratchaprarop Road, Makkasan, Tel : 245-5404, 245-3355    4900-12,000 baht  Pool, minimart, restaurant & gym
Rio Monte Apartment 3597/265 Pradu 1,Soi Shalamnith, Bangklo  8000-16,000baht  pool, gym & restaurant Sarmtuang Mansion8/18 Lardphrao Soi23, Lardphrao RoadTel : 938-3939    6000-8000 baht restaurant, minimart & gym Sathorn Saintview Serviced Apartment201/1 Between Sathorn Soi 15 and 17, Sathorn Road, Tel : 675-8921-30  6000-15,000 baht  pool, gym, minimart & coffeeshop
SkyPlace Srinakarin 522 Srinakarin Road Tel : 731-7739-56  9500 baht onwards restaurant, pool, gym & tennis court Srinakarindra Ville25 Soi Thepthawee 1,Srinakarin RoadTel : 379-5910-2   9000-18,000 baht pool & gym Thairong Tower1350 Pattanakarn Road Tel : 719-5100, 719-5118-9  6000 baht up.
The Grand Mansion 15 Lard Phrao 35, Lard Phrao Road, Lard Yao, Tel : 938-3240-57, 814-4479  4000-8000 baht  restaurant The Victory 37 Soi Sri Ayuthaya 12, Rajtevee Tel : 640-0200  9000-19,000 baht  pool & gym White Egret Mansotel Garden Soi Ratchada-Thapra 13, Opposite The Mall Thapra Tel : 878-9701-9  9000-20,000 baht  pool, tennis court & gym
Win Long Place 1179/42 Soi Charoen Krung 47, Charoen Krung Road Tel : 639-1160-5  6500-15,000 baht  pool & gym World Residence Serviced Apartment 58 Charoenrat Soi 4,Charoenrat Road, Klongtonsai, Tel : 862-0302, 862-1243  7000-26,000 baht Pool & gym S.V. Guesthouse 19/35-36 Soi 19, Sukhumvit Road Tel: (02) 2531747, 2530606 22 rooms, small guesthouse near Soi Cowboy entertainment district. 300 - 400 baht for A/C rooms. 
Srinuan Court 147-149 Sukhumvit Road, Soi 22 Prakanong. Tel: 262-0485, 259-5655 Fax: 262-0452 nice courtyard. Quiet. Sukhumvit Soi 22, third alley on left, walk down alley to the end on the right is Srinuan Apartments. sign is in Thai. Small, air-con room is 300 baht per night with toilet, no TV. Bigger rooms 400 baht. 5000 baht per month.  farang residents.  RAMKHAMHAENG AREA Interplace; Located in Ramkhamhaeng in northern Bangkok this apartment block offers apartments from 6500 to 12000 Tel. 3190330 Fax 3147318  PLEASE READ COMMENTS AT BOTTOM VICTORY MONUMENT AREA Petchinda Apartment. Rangnam soi Wattana Yothin. Tel. 6445020/7 Big rooms with cable TV. Clean  apartment block with friendly staff. Prices from B5500
Ratchaprarop Tower Mansions. Thanon Ratchaprarop. Tel. 453355  smaller rooms and more facilities, swimming pool, shop, laundry service, restaurant, room service. Rooms go from around B5500 President Apartment. Rajaprarop road. Tel. 2454100/4 An older building but very popular. A range of facilities but no pool. Rooms go from around B4500. SUKHUMVIT AREA Highway Inn. Sukhumvit Soi 105. A long way out on soi La San near Samut Prakarn. Apartments with cable go from around 4500
Sai Tip Grandville.Sukumvit Soi 56. pool, tennis courts. 39 square meter apartment 12000. A slightly smaller apartment  9000. Very nice  at a Terminal for the new sky train. Street Lodge Sukhumvit Soi 1 (2543572/3) Apartments for 10000 per month. MacDonald's 5 minutes walk away & Bumrungrad Hospital Tarit Court. Sukhumvit Soi 27 Apartments are between 4000 and 7000 a month. Nice garden.
RS Court.29 Ekamai Soi 30, Sukhumvit Soi 63 (Tel. 3929005 Fax 3915558) Popular, with apartments for around 7000 SILOM AREA Welcome Complex. Naret Rd, Silom (tel.2377920/40 Fax 6315126) Clean, air con, TV. Apartments between 5000 and 7000 PINKLAO AREA. Vravit Mansion. Charan Sanit Wong Soi 44, Bangplat.  Thonburi side of the river standard sized apartments 3500 a month or 4000 fridge. Rooms on the top floor with  view 500 plus.  hairdressers, laundry, restaurant. OK
LADPRAO AREA Smile Home. Ngaem Wong Road, Lad Yar, Nr Kaset Sart University in Northern Bangkok. Tel. 9410001. Small apartments 3500/mnth BANGLAMPU AREA Rim Nan Mansion. Samsen road Soi 3. Near new world intersection in Bang Lampu next to canal  small apartment block offers small apartments down a  small soi. Under 4000 for an apartment. Miami Hotel  2 Soi 13 Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok 10110, Tel: 662-2530369
Fax: 662-2531266 Rough rooms, noisy 
air-con, dodgy carpet, old  linen and very dim light -  Expect poor reception on the TV.The rooms are old style high ceilings, spacious with large bathtub.  The Miami does have a nice pool550 baht - 600 baht.



From: "C Vasa…………."   To: <>
Subject: Interplace  Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2005 12:32:53 +0700 I had very bad service, they cleaned my room every once in a while, even calling them didn't do it, I had rats come into my room from a hole in the toilet where there's a little iron door, also my toilet was always full with ants. I could continue on and on and on, rotten tomatoes in the sandwich, and the manager was soooo rude, they stole 1700 euros which I had left in the safety box, they didn't want to give it back so I called the police who didn't do anything about it, the manager told me "we are a 200 million hotel, you are just one farang one nothing!" This is ridiculous, these people are INSANE and this is the worst hotel I have EVER stayed at (and I lived in Thailand for almost a year in different locations)!!!! RAMKHAMHAENG AREA Interplace; Located in Ramkhamhaeng in northern Bangkok  Tel. 3190330 Fax 3147318
  The best deal is in NANA CONDOS on Soi 4 Nana close to all the nightlife and Nana Plaza. Just write to us for info anf bookings

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