Bangkok Airport Scam Condemned in Europe



By Alan Morison Thursday, July 9, 2009

BRITAIN'S Foreign Office is reported to be reviewing its travel advice for Thailand amid fresh media coverage of a Bangkok airport scam and the ''harrowing ordeal'' of an Irish traveller.In another blow to tourism in Thailand, the Irish newspaper the Kilkenny People relates the experience of Dr Angela Norris and adds that it ''should serve as a warning to people travelling there.''Ireland's Department of Foreign Affairs and its British counterpart are reviewing their travel advice for their countries' citizens in Thailand.Dr Norris, 41, who went to Thailand to address a conference, told Irish media she was surrounded by security guards as she left the duty free section at Suvarnabhumi Airport.

''They were shouting at me: 'You! You! You go jail six months,'' Ms Norris told the Irish Mail on Sunday.
She was accused of the theft of an eyeliner, taken to the airport police station then to Rajatewa police station near the airport, where she was detained overnight ''in filthy conditions.'' Released on bail, her passport was retained by Thai authorities - and when she went to Immigration police to retrieve it, she was arrested again, the newspaper reports.
''What is happening here is outrageous and needs to be exposed. It's a national scandal,'' said her husband, Ronan Loftus, who was forced to fly to Thailand to help his wife escape the ordeal.The family did not disclose the amount of money that had to be paid, but a pair of British tourists revealed recently that they were forced to pay 9400 pounds for their own release after being held by an airport gang in Bangkok. That couple, Stephen Ingram and Xi Lin, were also falsely accused of shoplifting in the airport. The newspaper reports that the British Embassy subsequently issued a warning to people travelling to Bangkok: ''You should be careful to observe demarcation lines between shops and stalls, particularly in market areas and at Suvarnabhumi Airport. ''Taking items from one shop's area to another is likely to be treated by shop staff as suspected theft. You may be arrested by the police and asked to pay a substantial fine and/or face imprisonment.'' But also remember duty free shops pay exhorbitant rents and they may look at foreign tourists as easy prey to pay this. King Power the leasors are doing nothing it appears.

Many tourists from Europe bound for Phuket come and go via Bangkok.

British Couple Accuse Airport Gang of Extortion Latest

British tourists have told of being held for five days and forced to pay 8000 pounds in an extortion racket at Bangkok airport. The British Embassy is being crticised for lack of action.

Transport Minister Sohpon Zarun has ordered Airports of Thailand to step up measures at Suvarnabhumi and other airports to prevent extortion scams, the bangkok Post reports. He said all embassies will be informed that if their citizens encounter this problem, they should file a complaint with the Transport Ministry. One British couple's claim will also be investigated and legal action will be taken against those found to have been involved in the scam, he said.

As at September 2009 the baggage handlers will have uniforms with no pockets and the authorities have more cameras but it is hard tovet ones bags on the caraousel if youre late theu the immigration process. But we understand they are getting better in view of the bad publicity.
We have more stories go to the link below:


1/. Taxi touts. Thais in yellow shirts saying they have taxis by the doors and outside. They inflate the price from 400 to 800baht+. Only use the meter cabs and you will find a desk to book. Keep the main ticket & try to remember the taxi number on your rear inside door
2/. People pretending to be security guards who pat your body down while another searches your carry-on luggage? An excuse to take your bags?
3/. Luggage being stolen on the carousels & staff pilfering. This is an ongoing problem
4/. Left luggage keep no valuables in your suitcases & lock
5/. TAT guides even if they have tags showing be wary. Do not book Tourism trips here

6/. If accosted and the person does not go away then head for the nearest Police or Tourist Police office

7/. Many taxis heading to the airport will not use their meters. This is because they cannot pick up a returning fare! They will ask for 400-450 baht. Tell them OK if they pay tollways?

8/. DO NOT ACCEPT rides from people offering you cheap fares. Some years ago at Don Muang an Egyptian so called taxi driver mugged & killed tourists who accepted rides into town and dropped body parts in drains. Be warned

9/. The old saying --- if they speak good English be on alert
10/. Watch out also for foreign touts & Chinese pick pockets. Those waiting for friends to arrive touts and pick pockets are also waiting
11/. Please don't leave cameras, laptops etc in your main bags. Carry all on your carry bag.
12/. Carry spare cash and copy of your passport in a separate part of you.

13/. When buying duty FREE goods check receipt for what you buy--check your buys before you leave the counter -- if not sure DON'T buy. King Power monopolize the shops leases say they have no control on frauds (so they say??) where purchasers have been conned out of many $$$$ when shops say they never paid for the goods so even credit cards & gifts given by staff are suspect--double check after you buy at the counter. People, whether guilty or not, are being shaken down for large sums of money after being arrested by King Power security at Bangkok airport. The security notify noone at the airport let alone the Tourist Police and take them to an outside Police station--where extortion prevails. A clear accusation says statements are changed in the police station to suite the result yet theres a Tourist Police office in the airport. The crazy thing about this is these shops still operate and King Power do nothing about it--its their staff too??? Surely with the money they make they could help would be foreigners but no and the TAT (Tourism Dept) is not much help either. Ok some do shoplift but there are genuine cases to consider & the TAT & Govt & King Power could put in place what to do once someone is accused of shoplifting??? It is also easy to doctor a video after the fact, like 2 months later------ read on??.

Here is a link issued by King Power that alledgedly shows the lady pocketing a wallet but was not produced until 2 months after. Careful examination one may see how a video may have been changed as its very easy to do to suit the situation after the fact?

Burundanga is a type of chloroform and is widely used by kratoys and scammers to make one sleep then they rob you. Such a drug can be placed in a drink, an aircon of a taxi car (using a napkin) or on the breasts of a Thai girl or boy or even on a Personal Greeting card given to an unwary forerigner or Thai as has happened. Once you feel symtoms of dizziness or fainting then chances are something has been doctored. It has happened in Thailand and still being used as at Sept 2009 so if you get faint make someone aware of your condition & get away from where you are if the person has befriended you may have administered it to you.


1/. Tourist Police office -- Make sure you sign statement and get copy for your insurance. Ask for Thai Police & if taken to an outside Police station ask for the Tourist Police--do not be intimidated. Keep your Embassy number handy as well.

2/. AOT =

File a complaint here

3/. Write to the Bangkok Post Postbag & The Nation to warn others

4/. File a complaint to your Embassy. The more you tell the more something will be done about the situation
5/. Use common sense all the time
6/. The economic crises has seen an upsurge in petty crime, ATM muggings and scams so be careful as at 2009.






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